What is Journey Through Faith?

Journey Through Faith (JTF) is a lay person-led spiritual movement designed as a refresher course in Christianity. The three-day Journey weekend begins Thursday evening with activities carrying through until Sunday afternoon. There are separate weekends for men and women. The Journey weekend provides time to spend in Christian fellowship with other believers to reflect upon your own faith and offers participants practical strategies to live a Christian life in an increasingly secular world.

What is the purpose of Journey Through Faith?

The purpose of JTF is to identify leaders for Christ from the community and to build them up with confidence to go forth into their environment with a renewed desire to live in God’s Grace. The purpose of JTF is not to convert non-believers or to repair interpersonal relationships or deep-seated personal problems.

What happens during a three-day weekend?

In a retreat setting, you will hear lay and clergy talks, have small-group discussions, sing, worship, take communion, eat and fellowship with people of all walks of life.

Who leads the weekends?

Unlike many spiritual retreats, the quality of JTF weekends is not dependent upon the leaders being dynamic preachers or even experienced retreat leaders. Rather the leaders are laity and clergy who have previously participated in a Journey weekend. Leaders are trained volunteers and differ for each Journey weekend.

Why have separate weekends for men and women?

While many will find that their Journey weekend greatly enhances their relationship with their spouse, marriage enrichment is not the aim of the Journey weekend. Separate weekends grant married persons individual time apart to explore their own relationship with God. Additionally, along with married persons, many single, widowed or divorced persons also attend Journey weekends.

Who should attend a Journey weekend?

Journey Through Faith is not for everyone. It is designed for active church members and leaders who want to rekindle their faith or renew their vision. The intent of the weekend is to help you revitalize your own spiritual and church life. JTF is not an evangelistic outreach to non-Christians.

How much does it cost to attend a Journey weekend?

The Journey weekend is a gift to you. Journey weekends are sponsored by many who give out of love so that you may grow in God’s love.

What should I know about the Journey weekend before attending?

Journey is for people who want to grow spiritually and who want to build up their Church and contribute to its ministry in their own community. Journey Through Faith is ecumenical and a common meeting ground for all Christians who seek to serve the Lord. Journey is not intended to promote a certain Church or denomination, nor is it intended to be used by participants to promote their own political or social views or agendas.

What kind of experience can I expect to have?

Ideally, Journey participants would come to the end of their three days closer to God, with a desire to continue to grow and to serve Him and their brothers and sisters in Christ. In reality, participant’s experiences vary. While some will acclaim their Journey weekend as a life-changing experience, it is not so for everyone. Nor should it be a life-changing experience for everyone. How God uses the Journey weekend differs for each person according to His will and the individual’s needs. When asked about their Journey weekend, some people will say they felt close to God. Many will say they experienced love and acceptance like they had never known before. Most will agree that it was a very positive and uplifting three days and that it resulted in lasting friendships.

What will be expected of me?

Be yourself. Come with a desire to get closer to God. Leave your world behind for 72 hours. No one is asked to sing a solo or make a speech. Participants are expected only to be honest, to participate fully, and to respond genuinely as the weekend unfolds. No one is forced to do anything that he or she does not feel comfortable doing. What is important is that participants attend Journey out of a desire to grow spiritually and that they allow God to use the three days to move them forward in their Christian faith.

What if I can’t stay for the full three days?

Each day of Journey is an important part of the overall message. Each participant becomes an indispensable member of his or her group. If it is impossible for you to be present for the entire 72 hours, then you’ll need to wait for a date when your full participation is possible.

Will I be able to call work or home and check-in to make sure everything is okay?

Journey is a time apart with God. Participants are asked to work out their affairs ahead of time to really be away for all 72 hours without interruption, to remain on-site the entire time, and to refrain from making phone calls to work or home. Should an emergency arise at home or work while you are attending the weekend, your sponsor will make sure you are contacted.

Can I invite someone else to attend the weekend with me?

Only those who have attended a Journey weekend may invite others to attend; therefore, you will be able to invite someone only after you have completed your Journey.

How should I dress and what should I bring to the three-day weekend?

Dress in comfortable clothes. You will not need church clothes. Jeans, T-shirts, tennis shoes, sweatshirts, etc. are best. You may want to bring a sweater in the spring just in case the conference room gets a little chilly. You will also want to bring a coat or jacket as mid-March in Indiana can still be quite cold and you will be going outside from time-to-time during the weekend.

In Ohio in the fall, the weather is never predictable, so the same types of clothing should be considered, as well as rain gear, since this is usually a wet time of the year.

Your sponsor can answer any specific questions you have as far as what to pack. The essentials are a pillow, blanket and sheets (or sleeping bag), along with toiletries, hairdryer, etc., and enough clothes for three days. Flashlights in Ohio are extremely helpful since the venue there is a camp and you will be walking to and from cabins, dining hall, conference room, restrooms, etc.

If you are taking medications, you will want to bring those with you. Also, please inform your sponsor of any special dietary needs. Everything else will be provided.

What happens after the weekend is over?

JTF is an ongoing Christian program of sharing and supporting. The three-day weekend experience introduces you to a growing and supportive community of friends in Christ who try to live more Christ-like lives.

When and where do the Journey weekends take place?

Journey spring weekends are normally held the third and fourth weekends of February at the Moravian Church in Hope, Indiana. In the fall, weekends are held in September at Camp Zimmerman near Gnadenhutten, Ohio. Of course these dates may be changed without notice in any particular year.

What do I need to do to sign-up for the weekend?

You’ll need to discuss your desire to attend a Journey weekend with your sponsor and with your spouse, if you are married. Then you need to talk with God and ask for His guidance. If you feel that God is leading you to attend, you then will need to complete the Journey Through Faith Registration Form and return it to your sponsor. As your weekend approaches, you may want to spend time in prayer as you prepare for your Journey weekend.